How to improve Men’s hair quality??

Men’s hair are just like Women’s hair, can be thick volume, thin strands, double edge,…

Women’s hair are continuously bombarded with products that can help the hair be stronger, smoother, blacker but the same products can also be used be the Men.

Hair, in my opinion, is one of the best gifts of God to the human being. It makes a man and woman looks more beautiful and appealing. With a healthy and good quality scalp, one can make new styles and look more elegant and beautiful. But both men and women sometimes don’t have good hair for styling. There are a lot of people who are searching for the answer to a simple question i.e “How to improve hair quality. Both male and females are looking for ways to improve hair quality due to which they go to different doctors and apply different kinds of remedies. For some people, all these steps work but for some people, they don’t. In this article, you will learn about simple steps which will tell you how to improve hair quality male. Today’s article is especially for male however females can also follow some of these steps.


For good Men Hair Care Routine, please follow the below:

Avoid overwashing:

Taking showers and bathing daily is a very good habit indeed but there is an old saying that excess of everything is bad. If you take too much shower and apply too much shampoo to your hair you will damage them. The excess amount of water can wash off the necessary oils and stuff which helps the hair to grow. Also, different shampoos contain a lot of chemicals which are harmful to hair if they are used excessively. If you want to improve the quality of your hair both beard and head make sure you balance your bathing and shower routine.


Avoid hot water:

If you are bathing daily make sure you use cold or warm water instead of hot water. This is because hot water damage your hair and as a result, they will fall off and decrease hair quality. You can use just warm water to clean your hair it works perfectly if you don’t want to use cold water.


Avoid roughly toweling and using blow drying:

I used to rub my hair roughly every time I took a bath. But after toweling my hair I often got upset due to too much hair fall. Then a local barber told me that when you forcefully rub your hair in the process of toweling you are actually not drying them but instead of drying, you are damaging them. I learned that blow drying is much better and healthy way than the old fashion toweling.


Choosing shampoo and conditioner wisely:

Not everybody has the same type of hair. Some people have dry hair while some of them have oily hair. So expecting a single shampoo to work for all type of hair is not good. You should analyze your hair type and then choose your shampoo according to your type. The following are the types of hair and shampoo which can be used;

  • For dry hair always look for a product which contains oil, butter, and other nourishing ingredients.
  • For oily hair, tea tree oil and chamomile works like charm.
  • For hair that breaks easily look for a product that is having restorative powers with proteins like collagen and keratin.

Being careful in using gel and pomade:

If you want to use style your hair you will need to use gel and pomade but keep this in mind using too many different kind of products on your hair will give you nothing but it will destroy your hair. Do not use too much gel for a temporary hairstyle because you are actually damaging your permanent scalp.

For beard grooming:

Men aren’t only gifted with head hair but also with facial hair. A nice beard adds to a man’s elegance for this purpose the beard has to be shaped and trimmed nicely and professionally. Do not worry we care about your style. On our website, we have different beard hair grooming kits which contain organic shaving balm and oil. If you are wondering what is inside this kit then let me tell you that the kit contains a shaving balm and oil for perfect shaving and giving you a nicer and cleaner look. Our beard products are 100% natural and organic; our oil & balm contain Argan oil, shea, Jojoba oil, tea tree oil and Vitamin E, moisturizer the hair, and ensure a better beard growth without any odor or scents. A white shaving bib apron will keep you covered when you are setting you beard.\

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